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    • Founders Circle Group & Couture Forum on iOS & Android
    • Scholarly Access to Pattern Database: Educational Access
    • Includes access to our premium content library
    • Educational materials billed separately + shipping
    • Average cost of educational material: $100 + shipping
    • Insider Updates about the Museum and the Atelier Projects
    • Atelier Blog
    • Online Courses & Seminars
    • 20% off Couture Mentoring Program, $140 Value
    • 20% off Couture Sewing Retreats
    • Monthly Couture Cafe Virtual Gathering, $15 Value
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    • *please read Site Terms about early cancellation
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    Exclusive Blog Access & Community Support Membership
    • Access to the Atelier Blog (Previously CelebrityDressmaker)
    • Learn How Each Couture Dress is Made
    • Access to all Insider Series Events in Santa Barbara
    • 10% Discount on Couture Mentoring Program, $70 Value
    • View Database for research (pattern downloads not included)
    • Monthly Virtual Couture Cafe Gathering, $15 Value
    • Couture Forum on iOS & Android App
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    Community Support Plan for $5/mo. Couture Forum & View Database (Pattern downloads not included)
    • Couture Forum, an online community to share, discuss & learn
    • Ability to view the Database for Research & Inspiration
    • *(Does not include pattern downloads)
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    • Couture Forum Access on iOS & Android
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    • Industry Insights and Inspiration
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