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Celebrating the Art and Heritage of Haute Couture Sewing Patterns

Welcome to The Couture Pattern Museum, where we proudly offer one of the world's largest and most unparalleled collections of commercial haute couture and high-fashion sewing patterns. We believe that couture sewing patterns are not just mere tools for dressmaking but culturally significant artifacts that shape our fashion heritage. Our primary focus is on the golden age of couture, featuring patterns from renowned international and American fashion design houses. As a privately held teaching museum located in Santa Barbara, our mission is to preserve and share the art of couture through our dressmaking Atelier and online resources. Explore our collection and attend our exhibitions and workshops to learn more about the history and craft between couture and the home seamstress. Becoming a founding member will give you exclusive access to our archives, upcoming online courses, and special events. Thank you for supporting our mission.

The "Why" behind our Mission:

Very few haute couture houses kept pattern archives of their significant designs, and many of these once-thriving couture houses are no longer in existence. The last remnants of their history and archives are retained and curated by organizing and digitizing the commercial patterns they released. The pattern publishers generally did not keep the copies, records, or contracts of the patterns they published. The Couture Pattern Museum may be one of the last institutions that holds physical copies of the original patterns. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and digitize these rare and precious paper patterns, before the fragile tissue paper and its instructions disintegrate.

Preserving Couture History: Digitizing the Couture Pattern Museum's Collection for Future Generations

We at the Couture Pattern Museum are embarking on a significant endeavor to digitize our extensive collection of haute couture sewing patterns. Our goal is to ensure that the unique designs, patterns, and instructions from renowned fashion design houses are not lost to time. As one of the last institutions to hold physical copies of original patterns, we recognize the critical role we play in preserving this disregarded history of haute couture. By supporting us in this project, you will contribute to the lost story of the democratization of couture through paper patterns, ensuring they remain accessible in the future to researchers, students, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Your donations and sponsorships will help us digitize these invaluable artifacts and preserve them for future generations. Thank you for supporting our mission to preserve the forgotten art of haute couture.

Researching, Curating, and Reviving Haute Couture Fashion at the Couture Pattern Museum

The Couture Pattern Museum specializes in researching, curating, and reviving fashion from the "golden age of couture," a post-WWII era of unparalleled excellence in fashion. Our focus allows us to preserve and share the rich history and artistry of couture. Join us in celebrating this era by becoming an Atelier blog reader for just $5 a month, sponsoring an exhibition, or becoming a founding member for $25 a month. Your support helps us provide valuable resources for researchers, students, and fashion enthusiasts.


Copyright: Vogue Magazine, Nov. 15, 1957

Celebrating the Legacy of the Democratization of Couture at the Couture Pattern Museum

At the Couture Pattern Museum, we are dedicated to preserving and expanding upon the legacy of the democratization of couture. Our mission is to keep this history alive by curating and showcasing designer ensembles created from authentic and authorized couture sewing patterns. These patterns played a significant role in making couture accessible to home seamstresses, professional dressmakers, and tailors. Through our exhibits and online resources, we also document how these designs were celebrated and made available to those who may not have had access to Parisian haute couture. Join us in celebrating this beautiful story by exploring our collection and attending our exhibitions and workshops.

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